You don't have to stress
selling your home.

Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes.
— Hugh Prather

taking the stress out of selling your home

The decision to sell your home means that things are about the change.  And that can be scary and it can also be exciting, but it doesn't have to stressful.  It doesn't need to be painful.  But it is nothing like regular life.  Let me say that again: IT IS NOTHING LIKE REGULAR LIFE.  You will have to be ready to show your house on a moment's notice.  You will have last minute showing requests that will have you dashing out the door just as you were starting dinner, putting the baby down for a nap, or even starting to fold the piles of laundry that got away from you.  But Preparation is the KEY TO SUCCESS.  Pack up your unnecessary clutter, clean the ever living hell outta your house before you list it so that quick pick-ups are manageable.  Arrange for a quick place to go with your kids.  Be Prepared.  I am here to help with this.  You deserve that.  

I know what makes your home sell:   How it is PRICED, How it SHOWS, and How it is MARKETED

Are you ready to sell?  Is your home ready to sell?  Don't waste a minute researching how to do this online--just call me.  I have the experience of 12 yrs in this market to help you determine the best way to price, market and ultimately sell your home.  With a degree in Marketing and Business, I have the tools to create an effective sales strategy.  Don't let this be misleading--my marketing and sales skills are important when it comes to selling your house, my skills in negotiation are integral to your getting the most of your efforts, BUT the MOST IMPORTANT factor in selling your home is PREPARATION.  You absolutely need to put your best foot forward if you want to sell quickly and for a good price.  I have the tools to help prioritize this effort.  I can help you determine what needs to be done and why.  And I can do it without breaking the bank.  We just need a game plan.  Invite me over.  Lets start there.

Not sure yet if your are ready to sell?  Have questions about the process or the market?  Need some reassurance on what this will be like since you already know IT IS NOTHING LIKE REGULAR LIFE?  Let’s have coffee and talk about your decision to sell your home. I can share with you my process for a successful home-selling experience. I will answer all of your questions and give you some key points to think that will help you make the very best decision for you. And I can do it all without you feeling obligated to use my services. It is my Coffee-Talk Guarantee!  I want you to be a smarter seller, a better educated seller.  You deserve that.




Once you've decided to list your home and enter the market, let's determine the best strategy for selling it. We will meet to discuss details about your home -- why you bought it, what you've improved, and where you want to go next, and from there, we can determine the best path forward.



"How much is my home worth?" That's the question on every homeowner's mind when they want to it for sale. It's my job to get you the highest price and best terms possible. We will create a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for you to review and look at other homes in your community. Using the button below, email me with your address, and I'll help you get started. 



I love bringing a modern approach to home selling at all stages of the process. With 12 years in the industry, I love to bring in photographers, videographers, marketing professionals and my love of social media and local networking to create transformative listings and incredible open houses to drive as much traffic as possible!