Julia Seitz
Licensed Real Estate Broker/Salesperson

Working in Columbia, Missouri


Having overseen hundreds of transactions between buyers and sellers since I started in 2006, I really understand the value of good communication, the benefit of expectation management, and the reward for good old-fashioned preparedness. And I'm ready to go to work for you.


About Julia



Let's be clear with one another: I HATE MOVING!! I do. And I KNOW just what you are about to be going through.  For me, moving is a miserable experience that stems from many, many moves as a young child. Ironic that I chose Real Estate as a profession where I help people make this transition EVERYDAY. But I do it with empathy and understanding and I work hard to make it better on you and your family.

I am also a person who loves travel and exploration. I thrive in chaos and seek out change.  I love meeting new people and finding ways to connect. Nothing fills my spirit cup as much as making new friends and finding ways to be of service to them. Logical then that I would gravitate towards a career in Real Estate. I meet new people and help them reach new goals EVERYDAY...[more]


Client Reviews

I feel so fortunate to have found Julia when we began looking for property in Columbia! She is incredibly thorough and responsive; we have never had to wait for a response from her. She was also incredibly knowledgeable and thoughtful regarding the area and our needs.
— Julie M. and Tim G.
I am so grateful to have worked with Julia to purchase my new home. She helped me win a competitive bid (4 bids within a few days of the house being listed!) without breaking the bank. She minimized my stress and was always available with helpful answers for any question. Perhaps best of all, Julia is just a delightful person all-around. I’m honored to give her my enthusiastic and sincere recommendation
— Andy B.